Basement Mood Board

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories this year, you know that we’ve been working to finish our basement. It’s been a slow and steady process – our friend at Warner Building Group has been making his way to Des Moines to help us when he has time. With framing, electric and plumbing finished, we’re getting to the exciting stages where we need to start making some decisions. I have had major design paralysis with this basement. The idea that I could do anything is so overwhelming – I’ve felt an extra sense of pressure to “get it right.”

Before I start making the big decisions (flooring, furniture, paint, etc.) I put together a mood board to wrap my head around the vibe I wanted this space to have. I’m having fun mixing different textures – brick, raw wood beams, and chunky wool rugs. I want it to feel like a combination of a cozy cottage and your grandpa’s basement bar from the 1960s. What do you think?

Stay tuned – lots of exciting basement updates coming soon!

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