How to Find the Best Deals on Facebook Marketplace

Brad and I like to think of ourselves as the king and queen of Facebook Marketplace. There are so many great home decor deals out there, if you’re able to find them. Check out our seven best tips to find the item you’re looking for on FB Marketplace quickly and get the best deal. Tag me in all your FB marketplace finds – I can’t wait to see what deals you snag! 🙂

1. Turn on Keyword Notifications. The really good items tend to go like hot cakes on marketplace. Sometimes it’s only a matter of hours from the time they’re listed to the time they’re sold. To be sure you don’t miss the perfect item, turn on keyword notifications for the pieces you’re on the hunt for, so you’re alerted right away when new items are listed..

2. Save Items You Like. Just like your newsfeed, Facebook uses an algorithm to show you more of what they think you’ll like within FB Marketplace. So, if you see something you like, click the ribbon icon to save it. That’s Facebook’s cue to keep showing you more items like it.

3. Keep Your Search Broad and Search for Every Term. If you’re searching for a 60″ mid century modern credenza with brass hardware, just search for “credenza”. Your dream item could be out there, but the seller might not have taken the time to add all the details to the listing. Better to cast a wide net and narrow down, than risk missing the perfect item because you searched for something too specific. Remember to also put yourself in the seller’s shoes, and search for other names someone might call the item you’re looking for. You call it a credenza, but other people may call it “sideboard”, “side table”, “buffet”, etc.

4. Try Searching for Incorrect Spellings. This is my favorite tip. You’ll be amazed at how often people misspell things. For example, if you’re searching for cabinets, try searching for “cabnets”. If you’re looking for pendant lights, try searching for “pendent lights”.

5. Review How Long It’s Been Listed. There’s nothing that makes me more excited than seeing an item that says “over a week ago.” Anything listed longer than 7 days ago, will automatically have this call-out. This means you have the ultimate buying power – the seller is likely ready to get this off their hands and are willing to take a deal. Make them an offer lower than the listing price.

6. Get Used to the Marketplace Inbox. This is super confusing at first. Your messages within marketplace will not go where the rest of your messages from friends/family would go. So when you’re waiting for a response from someone, don’t look in your Messenger app. You need to open Facebook Marketplace, click on your profile, and click inbox. This is where your marketplace conversations will be held. I learned the hard way to regularly check this inbox when you’re waiting on a response (it doesn’t always give you a notification.)

7. See What Else They’re Selling. Before you go to pick up your new item, click on the seller’s marketplace profile and take a quick look at what else they’re selling. If they’re selling other items you’re interested in, chances are they’d give you a bundle deal for multiple pieces.

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