How To: Hang Overhead String Lights On Your Deck

We were feeling extra productive this weekend and decided to finally start making the most of our little outdoor space. We’ve got lots of projects started (staining the deck, refinishing the furniture, potting plants, etc.), but none of them are quite finished yet. None of them except hanging our string lights! It seems the common thread in all of the most magical outdoor spaces is those twinkly overhead string lights, so we couldn’t wait to put ours up!

The tricky part was figuring out just what exactly we could hang them from. After two hours spent roaming the aisles of Home Depot, we think we’ve figured out the perfect solution. PLUS, super easy to install – I did it myself in ten minutes.

STEP 1: Figure out the number of poles you want the lights hanging from. If you have a standard deck, that’s probably four poles – one for each corner. Since one of the corners of our deck is all open stairs, we decided on three poles so we could keep things open and have the poles blend in against the railing.

STEP 2: Find these 3/4″ EMT conduits at your local hardware store – these will be your poles. For each pole, you’ll want two 3/4″ conduit clamps to hold the pole in place.

STEP 3: Find these S-Biner Dual Carabiners. (We happened to stumble upon these at Home Depot and they are PERFECT for this project.) This will be at the top of the pole, and is what your string lights will hook onto. So, you’ll want one carabiner per pole. Note: It’s important to buy the exact size I linked.

Peep my cute quarantine nails! Let me know if you’d like a nail tutorial blog post!!!!!!

STEP 4: Attach the carabiners to the top of the poles by simply … how do I say this … shoving them in the pole ha! If you buy the size I linked, it should be the perfect snug fit – they shouldn’t move around too much. For good measure, we also shoved some leftover grout in there to be sure they really stuck in place. (But if you don’t have grout, that step probably isn’t necessary!)

STEP 5: Spray paint the poles black (or whatever color your deck railing is) so that they blend in. Attach each pole to the side of the deck using two conduit clamps and wood screws.

STEP 6: Hang lights! Make a margarita! Sit under the lights with your margarita! Enjoy!


String Lights – Free (already had these – we used 3 for our deck)

3/4″ EMT Conduit – $19.50 ($6.50 each)

3/4″ Conduit Clamps – $2.62 ($1.31/pack of 5)

S-Biner Dual Carabiners – $5.94 ($1.98 each)

Black Spray Paint – Free (already had some)

Wood Screws – Free (already had some)

TOTAL COST: $28.06

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