2019 Gift Guide: Outdoorsy Gifts for Him

Despite growing up on a farm, I have THE hardest time finding gifts for my farmer dad. If you’re a fellow Iowan, chances are you have someone like this in your life and know what I mean. They buy what they need, have their tried-and-true staple items, and usually don’t provide you with much of a Christmas wishlist to work with. Enter: my attempt at a gift guide for the outdoorsman.

  1. Hand warmers
  2. Redhead socks
  3. Carhartt hat
  4. Stanley thermos
  5. YETI Sidekick
  6. Farm sign
  7. Leather Gloves
  8. Rubber boots
  9. Prop-a-Gate
  10. Truck storage
  11. Multi tool
  12. Bluetooth jobsite speaker

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