2019 Gift Guide: Sporty Gifts for Him

My husband’s a golfer, so these ideas probably skew a little golf-heavy. For our wedding gift, I bought him a round of golf at a PGA course (am I saying that right?!) on our honeymoon. The only requirement was he had to use #10 below – ball markers I had made with my face on them LOL. I’ve never giggled so hard picking out the most embarrassing photo of myself to put on them. He conveniently forgot them when packing for the honeymoon and “can’t find them” since the move… *eye roll*

  1. Spikeball
  2. ISU Gear
  3. Iowa Sweatshirt
  4. Vintage sign
  5. Pickleball set
  6. Wrigley field blueprint
  7. Golf organizer
  8. Putting green
  9. Golf polo
  10. Ball markers
  11. Barstool Koozies
  12. Stadium sign

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