Boo’ing: Our new Halloween tradition! (+ a free printable)

Have you guys ever heard of boo’ing? When I heard Carcaba Road talk about it on her Instagram stories, it was the first I had ever heard of this fun Halloween tradition!

The gist: It’s like ding-dong-ditch’ing, but with treats involved. You put together a little basket full of whatever you want – treats, halloween candy, fall goodies, etc. – and drop it off on your neighbor’s doorstep. (Don’t forget to include the instructions so they know what boo’ing is!) Ring the doorbell and go hide somewhere where they won’t see you, but where you can still see their reaction to the surprise on their doorstep! SO FUN!

Once you’ve been boo’ed, you put the “We’ve been boo’ed” sign on your front door (so you don’t continue being boo’ed all month) and spread the love by “boo’ing” some of your other neighbors and friends.

Want the free printables for the sign and instructions? I’ve got you covered! Just subscribe to my e-mail list on the blog and I’ll send over PDFs that you can download and print yourself to keep the fun going!

Don’t forget to tag me in all of your “boo’ing” adventures!

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