Where to Find Free Art Online

All but one of the prints in our guest bedroom, we found for free online. I’m all about budget-friendly finds, so I’m going to let you in on my secrets of where I find free printable art online.

1. New York Public Library – Public Domain Collections

If you like the look of vintage prints (things like floral studies and old postcards), you’ll love all that the NYPL public domain collection has to offer. The best part: they have a visualization tool that allows you to browse by COLOR. It makes planning a gallery wall super easy when you have a specific color in mind!

2. Pexels

Pexels has hundreds of thousands of free stock photos available for download. All photos are tagged and easily searchable, making it really useful when you have a specific photo in mind. For me, I was determined to find a cool photo of a ferris wheel for our gallery wall. Pexels was the perfect place to find it.

3. Art of the Poster 1880-1918

I love a good vintage poster. Minneapolis College of Art & Design pulled together more than 200 masterpiece posters from the late nineteenth century and they’re available to download in their Flickr album. Can’t you just picture these in Monica and Rachel’s apartment?! (Note: Almost all of them are public domain to use and share, but just be sure to double-check the copyright details before downloading and printing.)

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