Guest Post by Simpler Spaces Organizing: Chelsey’s Organized Pantry

The organizing gene. Some say you’ve either got it or you don’t. My name is Rachel Horton and I’m the face behind Simpler Spaces Organizing. Also, older sis to the lovely Chelsey Christensen. As a wife and mother, I’m always trying to find ways to embrace a simpler lifestyle for my family.

I had the pleasure of helping Brad and Chelsey organize their pantry when they moved in. It may be my favorite part of their home – which is saying something! 

Taking a cluttered, chaotic space and turning it into a space with purpose and organization “sparks (so much) joy” for me. But if you don’t daydream about turntables, bins and baskets, I’ve broken down the organizing process into a few easy steps anyone can follow. 

1. Start with a clean slate. This was easy to do in their new home, but so important to do in a lived-in pantry as well. Take everything, I mean everything, out of the pantry. You don’t truly realize the space you are working with until you take all the contents out.

2. Wipe down the surfaces. Mama Sue would have my head if I didn’t mention this part. If you’re taking the time to make your space orderly, you may as well make sure it’s clean, too! Use a little elbow grease and make sure any sticky or spilled messes are cleaned up.

3. Sort and purge. Put like items together and check expiration dates as you go. If you’re like me, some corners of my pantry can become a holding ground for food that’s past its prime. Common categories are snacks, baking, pasta, breakfast, canned goods, meals, desserts, etc. But this is where you make the categories that work for your home. There is no right or wrong here.

4. Contain and label. Yes, this is the “make it pretty” part, but it also serves a purpose. Containing like items makes finding things easier and gives everything a home. This is where you get to make your pantry a reflection of your style. It is probably no surprise Brad and Chelsey chose the clean white lines of these storage bins from The Container Store. Simple bold labels were added and suddenly this pantry fits in perfectly with the rest of their home.

The thought of organizing a space can seem overwhelming at first, but take it step-by-step and you’ll fall in love with the results!


White Bins

Can Shelf Risers

Vinyl Cutting Machine (used to make labels)

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