Home Projects on the Horizon

When launching this blog, we had quite a few pieces of the house (almost) finished. And it’s been so fun spending the past couple of weeks showing you what we’ve been up to and all the finished products.

BUT – don’t let the pretty pictures fool you. There’s still plenty of work to be done around here and it’s going to be a busy fall! Take a look at some of the upcoming projects on the horizon for us:

Kitchen Backsplash

We’ve never installed tile backsplash before, but I’m determined to learn how! It’s a little (very) daunting, yes. But will be so worth it. Taking any tips from those of you who have done this yourself!

Wood Kitchen Shelves

I can already see Brad rolling his eyes when he reads this one HA! From the moment I walked into this house, I remember thinking “How pretty would it be if these were wood shelves instead of white shelves?!” There’s a lot of white goin’ on in this kitchen, and I just think some natural wood shelves would bring such warmth and texture into the space. Stay tuned to see if I win this battle!

Master Bathroom

I love our master bathroom. It’s simple and sleek and so pretty. But don’t you think it could use a little oomph? Me too. Potentially oomph that involves just a little wallpaper? Me too.

Light Fixtures

There’s a reason I try to hide the ceilings in most of my photos – I’m not a huge fan of these light fixtures. It’s on my to do list to change these out for something more simple and sleek.

Finishing Guest Bedroom

You’ve seen the corner of our guest bedroom that’s finished. But what you haven’t seen are the two walls on the other side of the room that are totally bare and blank. I have some ideas for this little corner, but need to get around to actually finishing this room!

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