How to Create an Eclectic Gallery Wall

We recently put a gallery wall in our guest bedroom and LOVE the moody vibe it brings to the space. Since the frames are all different sizes/shapes, an eclectic gallery wall is such an easy and low-budget way to make a statement.

1. Find frames. Start collecting frames of varying shapes, sizes, and finishes. You can spend a pretty penny on frames if you buy them new, but there are tons of used ones for sale if you look around. I found every single one of our frames for less than a few dollars at Goodwill.

2. Ensure all pieces of art work together. Before purchasing all the pieces of art, take a quick few minutes to line them all up next to each other and ensure the colors/tones work well together. I use Photoshop, paint the background to be the same color as the wall, and paste all of the photos into it. A great gut check to make sure there are no pieces that stick out too much. This is also a good way to start getting a sense of which pictures will work well next to each other. Example: If there are two dark green photos – put those in different areas of the gallery wall. (Check out this post to learn where we found our art for free online!)

3. Plan frame placement. Use paper (I used brown craft paper) to cut templates of each of your frames. Start taping them up on the wall and playing around with where to place everything. Try to strike a good balance by spreading out frames of the same size/shape.

4. Hang frames. Hang those bad boys up and rip off the craft paper. Voila!

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