How to Style Open Kitchen Shelves

I was so excited to see that our kitchen had open shelving! But it can be a little overwhelming to know where to start with such a blank slate. I knew I wanted the shelves to be a mix of beauty and function to make the most of the space, so I broke it down to these four key elements:


Find a few pieces of art with a food twist to them. I lean towards art with a bit of a vintage flair, like this or this. Also obsessed with these produce illustrations. These are good base pieces to stack up against the wall and start decorating with – everything else can be layered in front of them.


House plants are a great way to bring some life into a space. We have two house plants on our shelves: both different species of jade plants. Both get moderate sunlight and are super low-maintenance. I found my steel planter at Goodwill for $1 (I think it technically was the base for a mini ice cream maker?) and the other planter here.

Jars/Food Storage

I wanted these shelves to be *somewhat* practical as our kitchen isn’t huge. Using different jars, you can display food storage for things like noodles, spices, popping corn kernels, etc.


Once you have the bones of your shelves styled, it’s time to fill in the gaps. Candles, jars, and kitchen items with some aesthetic appeal (things like copper mugs, pretty little bowls, etc.) are all a great way to fill empty space and add height variance.


Tan Canister


Blue Planter

Oil Dispenser

Copper Mugs

Vintage Chocolate Advertisement

Isolabella Art Print

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