Move-In Day Tour

I love a good before and after photo. Before I share all the “after” photos, I thought it’d be fun to share our “before” photos.

Our house is a new construction spec home. So we bought it after the house was totally finished – we didn’t have a say in any of the decisions made along the way. I take that back…two new trees came with our house and we did get to decide where to place them. It took us two and a half weeks and lots of back-and-forth. So probably for the best that we didn’t have to make all the decisions that go into building a home! We’re so over the moon in love with our house and there are only a few things we would’ve changed about it had we been involved in the building process (different blog post for a different day).

It’s a ranch style, 3 bed/2 bath. Unfinished basement with loads of potential (the selling point for us!) Plus, lots of black and white modern accents that fit pretty perfectly with my aesthetic.

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